Tree Braid Extensions combined with professional Healthy Hair Care regimens!

Over 2 decades of experience! 

One thing that has remained constant is the need for women to have a style that is both attractive and convenient. If you're looking for a healthy low maintenance beautiful style, Interlock Extensions could be a great option for you. 

How are Tree Braids installed? 

Commercial hair is interlocked an anchored to the cornrow base by using a feed-in braiding interlock method to produce various texture style options.

  • Ease the transition process from Chemical Relaxer to Natural Hair.

  • Rest and grow your natural hair and wear a great style in the process.

  • Provides low maintenance styling while keeping the natural hair protected.

  • Can be shampoo cleansed and conditioned while braided.

  • Last 6-8 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

  • Removal is quick and easy.


Prep and Installation take 2-5 hours depending on braid size, hair length, natural hair density, hair styling, and head size.


Service includes: ​​

  • Comfortable Salon Environment Experience

  • Professional Installation with over 2 decades of experience

  • Professional Haircut & Styling

  • Hair (please consult)


I recommend high-grade synthetic blend Bonne Collection hair. It looks and feels like real human hair, and will hold up tremendously well for your service investment. This brand has been tested in hot/cold climates, saltwater and chlorine pools, heavy exercise, shampoo maintenance and more. 

Receiving consistent hair care maintenance while wearing these Extensions is highly recommend. You will be amazed at the positive hair growth results that you'll gain with the Tree Braid service!

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