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Braidless Sew-in Hair Extensions

The Thread Base method incorporates a threaded base that is skillfully and gently applied by an anchor hand-weaving technique, or Pole Weaving Machine. No adhesives, waxes, bonds, cylinders, links, or nets are used for attachment. If the hair can be pinched, it can be weaved with this method. When rendered by a skilled technician, the application yields amazing results and will not compromise the integrity of the natural hair. 


The Micro Link method incorporates silicone links as a base for attachment, commercial hair is then sewn on and attached. This method is very undetectable, lightweight, great for adding length, volume, and excellent for majority hair textures. Once installed, the hair can be pulled up into a ponytail and styled into updos. This hair extensions method is also great for the natural hair because there is no braided base, which allows easy maintenance access for thorough hair & scalp cleansing, conditioning, and drying.


Depending on the hair texture and condition of the natural hair, the Micro Link method in some cases can be tightened (at the discretion of a skilled technician).


The natural hair must be in healthy condition with good density. If the natural hair length is at least 4", this method will blend extremely well. Will last 6-8 weeks with proper care and maintenance.

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