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Hair Detox Treatment

A Hair & Scalp Detox is a deep cleanse that helps to remove toxins and residue build-up from the hair, unclogs the hair follicles, and balances our natural oils and scalp pH. Detoxing will rejuvenate and renew the hair follicles and create a perfect environment for hair growth. 


Even if you opt for natural hair care, pollution in the air, and minerals in water are factors that can cause build-up on your hair.


The Hair Detox Treatment is an very important service to have rendered before starting your Ceramic Phusion Silk Press healthy hair journey. This treatment will safely remove waxes, oils, minerals, polymers, resins, chlorine, chemicals, and medications from the hair while helping to prevent breakage.


A "unique blend conditioning treatment" is applied to restore the natural hair balance, hair ends are trimmed, and then the hair is silk pressed and styled to perfection! You will experience immediate results! 


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