Have you heard of this syndrome?

Everyone has bad hair days from time to time, but for roughly 100 people around the world, unmanageable hair is an actual medical condition.

Uncombable hair syndrome (UHS).

Other Names: Pili trianguli et Canaliculi; Cheveux incoiffables; Unmanageable hair syndrome; Spun glass hair.

Uncombable hair syndrome is a condition that is characterized by dry, frizzy hair that cannot be combed flat. This condition develops in childhood, often between infancy and age 3, but can appear as late as age 12. Affected children have light-colored hair, described as blond or silvery with a glistening sheen. The hair does not grow downward but out from the scalp in multiple directions. Despite its appearance, the hair is not fragile or brittle, and it grows at a normal or slightly slower rate. Only scalp hair is affected in uncombable hair syndrome.

Uncombable hair syndrome is caused by mutations in the PAD13, TGM3, and TCHH gene. These genes provide instructions for making proteins that help give structure to the hair strand (shaft).

For unknown reasons, this condition usually improves over time. By adolescence individuals with uncombable hair syndrome have hair that lies flat and has normal or nearly normal texture.

Scientist Albert Einstein, who is famous for his frizzy do is also said to have been a sufferer of this rare condition.


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